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I may move accounts!

2010-03-05 23:36:20 by MarioFlashMovies

Hey guys.
because I have a team called AGU, they told me to move accounts to our team and I sayed yes!
So yeah, the account I'm moving is called aguproductions.


My next flash

2010-02-28 01:28:27 by MarioFlashMovies

Epic huh?
I've got really improved in sprite battling since the Kirby Collab so I thought about making my own flash about it.

My next flash

It been a while 2

2010-02-21 13:04:55 by MarioFlashMovies

Hi guys, long time no see.

Anyways, me and my friends (Or: Agu productions) will maybe make a shared account here on NG. If it will happend, I'll update ya.

Well, I know I haven't uploaded anything in 2010 but you guys are stealin... I mean... I'll upload something. Soon? Music video will do? But not now - School and sparta remix match are waiting!

Well, it's sonic? Meh. I stopped on working on it because I have school and crap so... Yeah. Sorry ProjectCL... Whatever!

Well, That's it!
Cya! Just wanted to update here, ya know, see if everything's fine.

It been a while 2

It been a while.

2010-01-15 11:36:39 by MarioFlashMovies

H-hey guys! Sup?
I haven't post a news post for a while now and I just saw that Newgrounds updated it's PM system. I really liked it cause it's a lot faster, you can see what you sent and the time you've sent it a bit more clear. Wow, nice job Newgrounds! Anyways, this is what I'm gonna tell you:

Well, It's coming!
The next episode of the "Well It's..." series is coming soon! I won't tell you what character is next and no, It's not Kirby. It's going to be awesome anyways.

The Kirby Collab is going great so far. All places filled so all you can do is just stare at us talking at the topic. It will come soon.

The Quicker the better
As I moved to a special school for gifted students (Yay me!) I learn 5 days (Untill Thursday) and friday is just sitting next to my laptop and working on my project. Fuck yeah.

School sucks
Me and my classmates are working about a stopmotion project about the "Green World" crap so I will be working on that too and I have 2 class presentations to finish so that sucks. Oh well, atleast I get some time to work on my projects.

Well, that's all I have to say.
See ya later guys!

Happy 2010!

2009-12-29 14:53:42 by MarioFlashMovies

Though... 2009 haven't over yet. I couldn't resist uploading this video to my YouTube account (And yes, this IS my YouTube account). Anyways, This is a short video where I kill 2009 with *OMFG SPOILERS* and then *OMFG MOAR SPOILERS*. Just watch the damn video already.
Oh, And the annotations are used to tell you facts about the video, a thing that you may want to do, is to disable when you're a first-time watcher to make it more... Hem, Nice for you, First-time watcher. Then I recommend to see the facts.
Damn, I talk too much.

/* */

Upcoming Projects and other things (SPOILERS)

2009-12-19 02:04:29 by MarioFlashMovies

If you want to keep my new stuff as a suprise, then go ahead and leave this post so it won't spoil the suprise.

Hey guys, MarioFlashMovies in da house. In today's post, I'll tell you all about my upcoming projects and the progress on it so far. Note that the projects may be canceld but most chances they'll be submitted in some point.

Random Mario Parodies 3 - 45% - Animating
Well, It's Kirby! - 10% - Animating
Bowser's Outside Story - 1% - Ripping Sprites

Speaking on Bowser Outside Story, I almost finished Bowser's Inisde Story! I'm at Dark Bowser! Yeah! Ha ha ha!

Now after we finished up the spoilers, we can go ahead and continue.
I see alot of the reviews from Well, It's Mario! are hate reviews (Click here to see them) until one review by vader316 accualy defended me claming I haven't stole any sprites like one review says. I owe him one, and if you're reading it, THANKS MAN! YOU ROCK!

That's all for today, so See ya lata!

I finally got Bowser's Inside Story!

2009-12-14 05:04:31 by MarioFlashMovies

Yay me! I ordered it from E-bay and it took 16 days (Ya, counted) to it to come.

Current Status
Mario: Lvl 25
Luigi: Lvl 25
Bowser: Lvl 20
Play time: 18:08 (Hours)
Place: Plake Beach

Click here of a review I've made about the game! (Credit to Electricstar for voice acting - Go search him on NG!)

I finally got Bowser's Inside Story!

The gun game: Medal Guide

2009-10-28 20:22:26 by MarioFlashMovies

Back to Table of Contents



After achiving "Target hater" and "Juggler" achivements, you'll get the Skeleton Hand and the Midnight theme. On the "Options" menu you can apply these.

Reload any weapon 100 times
Choose a weapon with a low clip (Like the revolvers), go to one of the challanges and don't stop shooting. After a while, you'll get the medal.

Flip a gun 100 times
Go to the weapons menu, then click on "Pistols" and pick the USP. Again, go to one of the challanges and don't stop shooting. You'll see that the reloading of the USP is the fliping.

Complite all 21 campaign stages
Not that hard.

Play for 4 hours
Open the game in one window, minimize it, wait 240 minutes and you'll get this medal.

Equalize 500 targets
Go to the first or second campaigns and play until you'll get 500 targets dead. You can also switch weapods or compliting in-game achivements while doing so.

Earn 57 expart medals
Go to the challanges and play them until you'll get Expert in total.

Collect every single game achivements
Above you can see how to get some in-game achivements.

Working on a FPS game.

2009-10-18 07:48:12 by MarioFlashMovies

So this is a demo.
You may need to refresh a few times.

One year later, I thought about making a forth episode of the series, with all of my new smooth moves, lips sync and some blood, though my drawing still sucks in most place. So if you want to help, whenever it's writing scripts, music or art, content me and/or comment on this post.

For writers:
I want pure game parodies, not addons like farts for example. I do allow blood but no adult content of some kind.

For musics:
Not a 20 second loop, though not a boring-ass 6:30 minutes song. 2-3 minutes will do. Please remix Mario and not piano it or something.

For artists:
Pure drawn.. Uhh... Whatever I'll ask you to. No pixels or over-blur. I do allow blur, but no more than 15-20.

Admisitor of... Uhh... MarioFlashMovies.

Super Mario Bros 3 Parodies 4